A child’s parents are not always the only adult who loves them and has their best interests at heart.  In many cases, a grandparent, other family member, foster parent, or friend must file or step into an ongoing court case to ensure that their voice is heard and that the best result for the child is achieved.

In an ongoing private custody or CPS case,  the parents’ family, foster parents,  and other people concerned with the child’s well-being often have no voice in the legal process.  Decisions can be made and futures determined without input from those that are closest to the child.  Someone who is not a party to the case is not noticed of hearings, is not always invited to conferences with CPS, has no ability to speak on the child’s behalf in Court (unless called as a witness) and cannot seek affirmative relief from the Court.

However, when a foster parent or other interested party successfully intervenes in a case they must be heard by the Court.

Bethany G. Arnold has experience with interventions in cases involving private parties and those involving the Department of Family and Protective Services. She will help you evaluate your standing to intervene in a case and develop a strategy to protect the interests of the special child (or children) in your life.

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